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i’m looking mobile phone apps (android, ios, windows) that allow my company personnel to make/receive calls through their cell phones for their assigned extensions. in other words, if person X has phone number 1-8xx-mycellphone x123, then that user could make/receive calls for the x123 extension directly

the idea is to allow users to use both mobile or VoIP phones for their specific extensions

i found the following (i think this is right):

but are there any others?


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The FreePBX webpage does the same thing. Works great on my iPhone. No monthly fee at all. Pair that with a free sip phone like the Grandstream Wave and u have all you need.

Now I’m wondering if this was possibly a commercial for this company … hmmm???


I know all of the next clients supports both iOS and android.

  • Zoiper is a decent client in my opinion - its free with multiple accounts, but if you want to use G.722 or G.729 you’ll have to pay…(even if its a relatively small amount of money) zoiper

  • Acrobits has also a cross-platform great sip phone (but costs around $7) acrobits

  • Bria by counterpath is also a stable working solution but the priciest one, $8 bria

To be honest? I am a bit crazy myself so i have paid versions for all 3 of them… so those are my top 3 (i won’t tell you which one is my favorite so i won’t be accused for being anything but objective :slight_smile:

Windows client? I use microsip ( free open source solution.


For Windows clients, check out Microsip if you want G729, but personally I prefer the interface of PhonerLite. I can’t remember what I’m using on OS X at the moment.

For Android and iOS, I like Zoiper (purchased the G729 codec). The built-in Android client also works reasonably well. John gives you some other alternatives. I haven’t tried Grandstream Wave, might be worth a test run though.

“Adore SIP Client” Free SoftPhone with G.729 support both for iOS and Android.
“GS Wave” is my favorit Free SoftPhone (works great in the back ground) both for iOS and Android.

Hey frankb, can you post the configuration for the Grandstream Wave Softphone ? I have been trying to get it to work for quite some time already and not been able to make it work. Can you help with this ? I have a projet coming up and not sure how to make this work. Thank in advance sir.

I installed it and also had a problem with it. Then I figured out it was the Freepbx firewall blocking it. On the fire wall page they have a setting to either stop everything or adaptive to let it try a few times to connect before black listing it. Once I set it to that I can log in fine

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