Mobile number as extension

i would prefer to describe you a case study rather than just asking a question in two lines, because i don’t know what are the proper keywords to express the function i want.

I have a FreePBX system installed with 3 internal extensions and 2 outgoing lines. Here is the scenario:
A customer calls me and i pickup the line from extension 1. I want to “transfer” the call to my partner’s mobile number and “bridge” the customer with my partner. I don’t want to have 3-way conference, just to give the call to my partner’s mobile.

Is it possible to be done ?

I don’t want the customer to be charged for the mobile call but to be charged for landline call to my office and i will be charged for the call to the mobile. (But i think this is my provider’s issue)

I hope i am clear to what i am looking for :slight_smile:

Probably the easiest way is to set up your partner with a “dummy” extension and then setup follow-me to his mobile number in that dummy extension, then just “blind-transfer” the call to his dummy extension.

Thank you for the reply.
How this dummy extsension can be set up? As custom extension? What should i fill in dial in custom extension?

I cannot have a clear picture of this. I am confused because the mobile will be out of the Pbx system.

Either a regular extension or a custom extension, as I suspected a regular extension would be easier for you (and me :slight_smile: ), but there are those and many more answers for you in the wiki.

I am afraid that cannot be done with SIP extension. There is no place where i can enter the external mobile number. Only internal extension numbers

That is correct, you do that in the follow-me for the “dummy” extension which would always be unavailable, please try reading the wiki.

The way I’ve done it is to create a “CUSTOM” extension and then in the “This device uses custom technology” area. In the dial box
put Local/[email protected] You replace the “6016385211” with whatever you would dial to get to the cell number.

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Well, the formatting messed up the dial command…
the last part should be from-internal.


I tried entering mobile number with # at the end of it in follow me settings but no success.
Then i tried your way w5waf with custom extension and this dial plan and it works like a charm!

I noticed that in this scenario, both lines (i have two) are occupied, so if i do this kind of transfer i haven’t any free channel until this communication is terminated.

If you’ve only two lines, and an outside call comes in which is sent to an external number, both would be occupied, the incoming line is on one, the outgoing is on the other.If you’re serious about having this function, the only real solution is to get some additional trunks. Sip, POTS, or otherwise.


Yes you are right. Thank you very much for your help and advices.

why can’t you simply transfer the call to the cell phone? why is anything special required? the call will still route through the pbx. but the comment about the number of available lines is spot on. with only two, one transfer will tie up both lines.

Sorry to warm up this old, old thread…

However, because I had exactly the same problem, I must post here now the absolutely best solution. :wink: The answer for this “mobile phone as extension” question is quite simple, - you had to add a new virtual extension.

Go to Applications, Extensions, and establish a new one, select under Device, None (virtual exten).

After this you have to scroll down to Optional Destinations. Here you have to select for each of the three actions, No Answer, Busy and Not Reachable the function Misc Destinations.

The Misc Destination must be only one time defined. Here you can set the mobile number and a corresponding description.

Some last words. Because a “virtual extension” doesn’t exist for real (like a SIP device) it is always “dead”. Therefore, every call will go directly forward to the next defined action. So out of mine view this is really the best way to reach this goal.