Mobile MOH

Is anyone care of a solution to play MOH to the caller when the call has been forwarded to your cell phone?

In Europe, remarkably no changes are needed and MOH plays automatically when you place the caller on “hold” (holding mute button on your iPhone), but the same doesn’t seem to apply in the US sadly.

Thanks in advance!

It would depend how the mobile networks indicate ‘on hold’ to their caller and how the intermediate networks honour the data.

Does the feature work with all european networks and fail with all US ones? Verizon and Vodafone have some shared ownership and T-Mobile (Deutsche Telecom I think) exists in both territories to its fair to assume some similarity in their architecture. I don’t believe AT&T, O2, Sprint, Orange and co have any similarly close relationship.

Also Is your Trunk to the world the same or do you have multiple vendor routes?

No single answer I’m aware of I’m afraid.


I haven’t done extensive testing but it worked out of the box with Vodafone, T-Mobile, and Orange (Hungary, Poland, Romania, etc). Trucks remained the same. I only utilize AT&T in the US but it doesn’t seem to work with their VoLTE Network which the carriers in the EU hadn’t implemented yet.

Is there a way to achieve the same result maybe by pressing like ** or another key combo which would alert FreePBX to play MOH?