Mobile app not staying active on Andriod

Since yesterday the Sangoma Connect mobile app on Android 12 Is not staying active when placed in the background. I gave permission for it to stay active but once I minimize it, it shuts down. There are no registration attempts on my PBX and no push notifications coming to the phone. Once closed it becomes unreachable. I have turned on the persistent notifications in the controls but with the app shutting down I don’t think it matters. How can I fix this, so the app stays running and connecting?

it should register an extension from one of the IPs listed here - Technical Details - Sangoma Connect - Documentation ( - as soon as the app goes to the background. This is intended.

Make sure you have all the IPs in that wiki whitelisted

Yes all of those IP’s are whitelisted. But, as I said the app is shutting down when it goes to the background. Once it is no longer front and center active on my phone (android 12 pixel 3a) it stops any kind of connection attempt. I no longer tries to register or stay registered with the pbx.

The app unregisters by design as soon as it is closed or in the background. Then it should register after a couple seconds the push extension, and you should be able to see that in asterisk.

As to your phone notifications, have you checked your permissions to make sure the app has access to notifications and anything else it needs?

Yes the app has all permissions it needs. The push isn’t registering. Once the app shuts down my PBX reports the extension is unreachable. No push registration happens. The only way the extension is once again usable is if I open the app. So if someone calls my ext. and the app isn’t open it goes to voicemail on the pbx it doesn’t ring or open the app.

If you don’t see push registering then you should open a ticket with support since it is a commercial product.

Okay that was the next step. Thank you

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