Mobile and Desktop Softphones

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My company is looking to push out a branded SIP soft phone solution for PC’s and Mobile Phones. So far we have been testing CounterPath’s Bria and ZOIPER. Does anyone here have any recommendations other than these that they have had success with? Please let me know.

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I have used CounterPath’s Bria briefly and had no real issues. The fact that there is an integration with FreePBX is a plus and i believe the licensing was in groups of 5 user accounts - no big deal. I am also testing Grandstream Wave on my Android (Note 5) and like the fact it is fairly simple, but there is no presence indication.

Using Zoioer there on about 10 devices. Android has been the best experience so far.

Bria on IOS has been flawless for us

Zulu for desktop works awesome and built into User Manager in FreePBX for setup and configuration and has lots of other great features.

We will have a Beta Release of Zulu mobile for Android and IOS toward the end of this quarter.


I hope mobile Zulu includes sms.

Wow that sounds like a real game changer @tonyclewis. First I’ve heard about the mobile versions, very exciting.

Zulu desktop does SMS with SIPStation currently as that is the only carrier that has done a module for FreePBX to provide SMS

@tonyclewis they way I am reading your comment is that other carriers are allowed to create a SMS module. If this were the case would we have access to the module just as we do the SipStation module? Can you elaborate on how we would get a module if one were made available and if a 3rd party module would be fully supported by FreePBX.

Anyone could build a open source module. It would not be distrubuted by us but you can always install any module by uploading it.

If SIPStation is used in conjunction with Zulu mobile will there be SMS functionality?

Not in the first beta release but it will come. Beta is softphone, contacts and chat.

We are very excited to get a look at the mobile version. In the Road Show we were told it would be out in a few weeks. That was a few weeks ago. :wink: Might it be available soon by any chance for a Beta or Pre-Release?

Looks like it’s gonna come in a few weeks…

Its been a few weeks. :slight_smile:

@tonyclewis Do we have any Beta’s to play with yet? We are really excited to get a Zulu client for Android.

@jessy5765 Nothing that we are giving out publically at this time, but rest assured it’s still being worked on and we will let everyone know when we have more information to share regarding the mobile clients.