MixMon Queue Variable

(Itzik) #1

I’m trying to add the queue number to the Post Call Recording Script section.

I tried {QUEUENUM} and {QNUM} but it appears to be empty.

Would anyone know which variable it is?



${QUEUENUM} should have it. Can you post a log file when a call is sent to the queue? Are you using a custom context that might not be setting this variable?

(Itzik) #3

Sorry for the delayed response.

I see that in the log:

Set("SIP/SipGateway-000020ce", "QUEUENUM=800")

However, it’s missing in MixMon.


Here’s a full log. or raw.

​114 = Queue Agent
800 = Queue
​2125558888 = DID
8884441212 = Caller

As you can see, we have the {QUEUENUM} in:

/scripts/posrtrec.sh ^{MIXMONITOR_FILENAME} “^{QUEUENUM}“ “^{QNUM}“ “^{AMPUSER}” “^{CALLERID(number)}” “^{CDR(dst)}” ^{CDR(start)} “^{CDR(src)}” ^{UNIQUEID} “^{AGENTEXTEN}”

But in the log it shows:

““ ““ “” “8884441212” “recordcheck” 2019-08-20 07:09:31 “8884441212” 1566299371.34330 “”

Which makes me think that there’s some different variables in MixMon.



Hmmm, I wonder if the missing double quotes when passing the variables to postrtrec.sh is causing a problem, there are a few variables not being populated there. Check the tooltip for Post Call Recording Script, the quotes may not be needed, or needed on all passed variables.

(Itzik) #5

No, as you can see, some have and some don’t but that doesn’t make any difference in passing the info, I actually tried both ways.

That’s my theory .

Been there, it doesn’t give you much info. You basically need to add a Caret before each variable, which is what I have.

As said earlier, I tried both ways.
The quotes are needed for this project, but if I would see that the quotes are preventing from passing the information than I’d get rid of them, but that’s not the case.

(Itzik) #6

One more shot. Anyone?