MixMon Queue Variable

I’m trying to add the queue number to the Post Call Recording Script section.

I tried {QUEUENUM} and {QNUM} but it appears to be empty.

Would anyone know which variable it is?


${QUEUENUM} should have it. Can you post a log file when a call is sent to the queue? Are you using a custom context that might not be setting this variable?

Sorry for the delayed response.

I see that in the log:

Set("SIP/SipGateway-000020ce", "QUEUENUM=800")

However, it’s missing in MixMon.


Here’s a full log. or raw.

​114 = Queue Agent
800 = Queue
​2125558888 = DID
8884441212 = Caller

As you can see, we have the {QUEUENUM} in:

/scripts/posrtrec.sh ^{MIXMONITOR_FILENAME} “^{QUEUENUM}“ “^{QNUM}“ “^{AMPUSER}” “^{CALLERID(number)}” “^{CDR(dst)}” ^{CDR(start)} “^{CDR(src)}” ^{UNIQUEID} “^{AGENTEXTEN}”

But in the log it shows:

““ ““ “” “8884441212” “recordcheck” 2019-08-20 07:09:31 “8884441212” 1566299371.34330 “”

Which makes me think that there’s some different variables in MixMon.


Hmmm, I wonder if the missing double quotes when passing the variables to postrtrec.sh is causing a problem, there are a few variables not being populated there. Check the tooltip for Post Call Recording Script, the quotes may not be needed, or needed on all passed variables.

No, as you can see, some have and some don’t but that doesn’t make any difference in passing the info, I actually tried both ways.

That’s my theory .

Been there, it doesn’t give you much info. You basically need to add a Caret before each variable, which is what I have.

As said earlier, I tried both ways.
The quotes are needed for this project, but if I would see that the quotes are preventing from passing the information than I’d get rid of them, but that’s not the case.

One more shot. Anyone?