Mixing SIP and POTS

I have an Elastix PBX running 6 POTS lines. I just set up a SIP Trunk. My SIP Inbound Route points to an extension that is a member of a Queue that is the Destination of the any/all POTS Inbound. So I have two Inbound Routes pointing to the same Extension.

When I call in on the SIP Inbound, the phone rings, but I hear no voice. How do I set this up? Here are the last 3 lines of a tail of the incoming call on my SIP Inbound to the Extension in question:

[Feb 21 15:48:02] VERBOSE[5740] logger.c: – SIP/5004-08e294c8 is ringing
[Feb 21 15:48:08] VERBOSE[5740] logger.c: – SIP/5004-08e294c8 answered SIP/sip-b68101f0
[Feb 21 15:48:10] VERBOSE[5744] logger.c: – Starting simple switch on ‘DAHDI/1-1’

Calls out of the Extension go out Trunk G0 properly, and call into the POTS Queue are fine.