Mitel Update Time

I’ve updated the timezone on FreePBX but my Mitel 5330’s still show the incorrect time

i dont have to wipe the phones and provision them every time it’s daylight savings do i?

Do you know how those Mitels are getting configured? Is Endpoint Manager being used, or are they configured through other methods? If you’re using Endpoint Manager, where did you change the timezone on FreePBX. For the phones, you’ll find timezone settings in the config template, which is separate from the Time Zone setting in System Admin.

Yes i’m using Endpoint manager.

I changed the time zone and time server within the template of the mitel phones.

I believe once i’ve made changes like this i need to ‘rebuild’ the config files and then powering off and on the phones should be enough to collect those config files?

I’ve just seen this option at the bottom was only set to save…

That should do it. Hopefully the phones automatically refetch their updated configs with the Update Phones option you found, but power cycling would be the next step if that didn’t work. If you’re still not seeing the updated time, the next step would be to look at the config files directly to see if it’s set correctly.

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