Mitel phone and Parking

So, let me tell you how my customers want this set up, and then I can explain what is going on!

They want to be able to transfer their callers into a parking lot, and they want to be able to use them as “Line 2, Line 3, Line 4, etc”. All fine and good, except when I assign a speeddial/xfer to the button on the mitel phone, it just blind transfers and does not let the person on the phone know which parking spot the customer was put into. That being said, if they press Xfer on the phone, THEN press the parking button, it will verbally tell the customer what parking lot they were sent to. This is what I need to happen, but with the press of a single button instead of them having to hit the transfer button, the parking button, then the transfer button once more. I am running the latest version of FreePBX and have all modules up to date. The mitel phones are model 6869i.

Set your BLF as the specific slot, not the lot. so 71, 72, 73, 74, etc.

So, you are saying get rid of the park button, and just tell them to transfer directly to the parking lots instead of to the automated parking?

Basically, yes.

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