Mitel MiVoice 6900 series

Has anyone used Mitel MiVoice 6900 series with FreePBX?
does it need a firmware update?

I use the 6800 series phones without any issue. They’ve been working since firmware 4.5.x. Currently on 5.1.

I’m running Mitel 6940 series phones.

Here’s a link with information how to make them work, including the SIP firmware.

As in the link attached, I had to do some minor hoop jumping, but they have been stable and perform pretty well.

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it looks like i’m not able to access the phone’s web GUI until i’ve changed the firmware?

Can i use Endpoint manager to push the SIP firmware?

i’d need to add the model to the list of available models in the template?
is that possible?

The phones are configured via GUI on both MiNET and SIP firmware. That doc outlines how to change 6940 series phones to SIP using it using TFTP.

Perhaps it can be done through EPM, might need someone else on the forum to comment on that.

i know the ip of the phone and tried to access it using http and https and i get nothing even though i can ping the ip address

on the phone itself i dont see any settings about enabling the web gui so i’m not sure how i can get into the phone to change settings

That sounds really familiar why the GUI isn’t working, right now i cant remember why, but there is a way to default those phones back to factory… that might be worth trying on a test set.

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