Mitel crackling audio on system recordings

I have FreePBX installed on a raspberry pi which I use for my home. I use 3 x Grandstream 2 Line 1 SIP phones as well as 2 x Mitel 5300 phones with SIP Version which was implemented by TFTP. After setting up the Mitel 5330 phones I realised that there was an issue with the sound recordings on the Mitel 5330 where the sound recordings for voices distort/crackle. This is not the case on some of the sounds but majority of the sounds start to crackle. With my Grandstream phones, the sound recordings do not crackle. When calling in and out using the phones including extensions within the house, the audio is clear. The crackle only appears to be with the system recordings voice.

Audio Codec g729 works with Mitel with no crackling however calls are automatically hung up when answered on the Mitel phone and does not allow music on hold to be heard on the Mitel phone in a queue.

(you no longer need licenses for g729, the patent is expired)

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