Mitel 53XX Phones and Voicemail Lamp


I’ve successfully set up a FreePBX installation at home and my phones of choice are from the Mitel 53XX range.

Everything is up and running perfectly but I was wondering if anyone has had any luck with getting the voicemail lamp on these (or similar) phones to illuminate when a message has been left?

On some 5320s, I had it so that pressing the dedicated voicemail button dialled through to the extension’s voicemail, but that doesn’t seem to work on my 5360s.

Is there a way to have the voicemail button illuminate and function correctly?

Also, whilst I’m on it… does anyone know how I can get BLF working on these phones? They support it but setting it up via the admin interface for these phones doesn’t seem to work.

Any help or guidance is much appreciated- I’ve found nothing of any help online.

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