Mitel 5330e

I have FreePBX installed correctly. I purchased the endpoint manager. I have hooked all the phones up, went through their ip web interface and got them connected to the freepbx installation. I can dial back and forth between the phones fine but I cannot push a deployment out with the endpoint manager. Nothing I do effects the buttons on the phones. The reason I purchased the endpoint manager was because they said they supported mitel phones.

Does the phone web interface show the correct URL for provisioning? If not, how was that set up (manually, DHCP option, etc.)?

If the URL is correct, can you fetch that file manually (with a web browser, or command line if TFTP)?

If not, what error do you get? If no response at all, have you checked FreePBX firewall settings?

If you can fetch the file, does it look correct (has expected parameters for the buttons)?

If using encrypted provisioning files, have you checked that the keys match at both ends?

The phone’s web interface has a section for TFTP server. I manually put my freepbx address there. I am running phone firmware: R8. and boot firmware: When I go into the endpoint manager I added Mitel as a brand, I selected 5330 as a model and I edited some of the keys. When I click Save and Rebuilt Configs and Update Phones, The phone will say resetting, then go through boot sequence, then it will say downloading 3…2…1 but when the phone fully boots, it still has the default template.

I know nothing about Mitel and have no idea what that means.

After attempting a provision, look at the end of /var/log/messages for tftpd entries to see whether the phone got the file, got an error, or was not heard from.

If it got the file, look at it yourself to see whether it has the right stuff, and/or look for errors logged by the phone.

If it got an error, resolve the file name or other discrepancy.

If no attempt to retrieve the file was seen, look for firewall issues, port mismatch, etc. If that all looks ok, capture traffic from the phone to see if and from where it’s trying to pull the file. (The phone may have a log with this info, so you may not actually need to do a packet capture.)

Here is what it says:
Oct 12 00:28:30 freepbx in.tftpd[101038]: RRQ from filename MN_08000F7C2D78.cfg
Oct 12 00:28:30 freepbx in.tftpd[101038]: Client finished MN_08000F7C2D78.cfg

.166 is the address of the phone. Trying to figure out how to look at the config it is sending.

You can look at it on the FreePBX machine, or move it to your PC (with tftp, psftp, etc.) and examine it there. It’s probably in /tftpboot, or look at /etc/xinetd.d/tftp for the location.

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