Mitel 5312 through NAT

I’m banging my head against the wall here. How do i get a Mitel 4312 to work with FreePBX across the internet using NAT?

I think i the ports forwarded correctly UDP 5060, 10001-20000 and 69 for tftp.

I’m using device and user, and have set them both up with simple passwords for the time being.

any help would be great.

I hope you have a large supply of money for to pay for all the free phone calls people will make using your server.

You need to read up on security for Asterisk/FreePBX, you are at a great deal of risk.

Thanks Captain Obvious, the simple passwords are only for setup and troubleshooting. Since i don’t have a trunk yet, my supply of money will be safe.


Not everyone is so blessed with common sense.

You could not have picked a more difficult phone to work with NAT, if I recall you have to manually enter the external IP of the network in Mitel NAT settings. Useless without a static IP.

Make sure you have your NAT right in the SIP settings module of FreePBX.

If you want an easier time try a Linksys/Cisco SPA series phone or a Polycom IP5xx IP6xx series.