Missing /usr/sbin/sendmailmp3

I recently installed a server with the latest version of the FreePBX Distro and everything seemed fine - trunks – phones etc… no problems

After I got it all set – I released the server into production and started to have the following issue – users were not receiving their VMs as email?

I messed around with a few things – including checking that Postfix was running – it was-- sending a test email from the CLI – check – that works fine as well – so why no voicemail to email?

Well it appears that the mail command in the GUI references the following file: /usr/sbin/sendmailmp3 however when I took a look into that directory – the file was not there on my server?

Is this something i need to configure manually on the Distro? Can someone point me to a copy of this file so that I can install it and get this feature working on my server?


That’s not a file included with the Distro, nor would that VM setting be set in the GUI by default. Revert the field to null.

I fixed it


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