Missing the fax option in extension with freepbx 14

Server ver:

trying to setup a virtual fax to receive incoming faxes. I’ve set up a virtual extension (saved, applied and restarted the server). Can’t seems to find the fax option on the extension setup page. Is the server missing a module?

It’s in UCP now

Fax reception is configured in User Management. Once there is an email associated with the user, and fax has been enabled, you can set the destination at ‘Fax Recipient’ and choose the user to get it.

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Thanks for the quick respond…
I set up a user of the virtual extension to be the fax recipient. Enabled the fax. Configured the inbound routed to the fax recipient. Expecting to heard the fax signal when I the number from my cell phone. I got one ring and then the line got disconnected… No fax signal…
What’s wrong?

I’d start by reviewing the following:


The issue is resolved. The fax configure (under setting) wasn’t setup. I can receive faxes now:grinning::grinning:


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