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Missing Source RPM



I am trying to install the latest “USECALLMANAGER” module on a fresh FreePBX with asterisk 16. I’m following the steps found in FreePBX’s wiki under the “CISCO” page (forum doesn’t allow me to post link), but I face a problem when reaching the command:
yumdownloader --source asterisk13

I replaced this with
yumdownloader --source asterisk16
but I get the error:
No source RPM found for asterisk16-16.3.0-1.sng7.x86_64

Am I doing something wrong? Is the latest SRPM missing?


(Itzik) #2

You install Asterisk 16 with



Thanks but this is not what I’m trying to do. I am following the procedure described here.

(Dave Burgess) #4

I know it isn’t the direction you are going, but have you looked at Chan-sccp-B on GitHub? I know it’s not exactly how you want to get there, but it’s a lot easier and uses the full feature set of these under-powered phones.


Thanks for your comment,

I am already using chan_sccp-b for other phones. Unfortunately (or fortunately) the newer Cisco phones only support SIP and therefore I need the above mentioned package to make them work properly.

I am happy with the USECALLMANAGER implementation, I have installed it in the past on FreePBX. I am just unable to install it on the latest asterisk 16 version of it, since the SRPM is missing. If someone gives me info on how to find the Source RPM - or if someone from the project’s team uploads it to the Yum repo, I’ll be set to go.

(Dave Burgess) #6

The USECALLMANAGER stuff hasn’t even been upgraded for Asterisk 13, so you’re way out in front of the leading edge.


I think you’re confusing USECALLMANAGER with something else, maybe the original chan-sccp.
It’s available for the latest versions of both asterisk 13 & 16 and I am successfully running it on a FreePBX box with asterisk 13, just want to upgrade to asterisk 16.

Check here

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