Missing several menu items and have "Can not connect to asterisk" message

I have a warm spare set up in my office. On the warm spare I am receiving a message in the upper right that says “can not connect to asterisk” and I am missing some menu items in my top menus, notably the “backup and restore” section.

I have updated all modules and performed a reboot, that has not corrected the issue. Any idea how to fix this?

Asterisk isn’t restarting. Check your logs and see what’s going on, or more specifically, what’s not…

I had the same problem on a new install over the weekend. Missing s few modules from the list and a large number were listed however in italics and kinda grayed out.

I changed my asterisk version from 13 to 11 simply by running the asterisk change script and everything started to work. I ran it again from 11 to 13 and every this was still all good.

I then ran a fwconsole chown just to make sure all my files security was set correctly.

Maybe that would work for you also?

There’s a log called /var/log/asterisk/full - the cause of the problem is probably listed there. If it just ends - try looking in /var/log/messages.

The webserver is starting up OK, since you can get to the management page - the problem is that Asterisk is either not starting, or your admin user doesn’t have permissions.

You can also try logging into the server as ‘root’ from the console and try running ‘asterisk -vvvvvr’ and see what happens there. The outcome of that exercise will let you tell us more than “he broke”.

Thanks FrankB. Running the asterisk-version-switch command and reinstalling Astersik 11 followed by fwconsole chown did the trick.

No problem. Did you bring yourself back to 13? If so did everything work right away? The asterisk switch script is fantastic for switching asterisk versions on the fly.

I’m still running 11 so I left it there. I basically just reloaded 11.

Agreed, that script is fantastic!