Missing modules in Module Administration

I have installed a fresh freePBX for testing. However, when I go to the Module Administration the only module I see is the “Core”. If I click on “Connect to the Online Module Repository” then I can see all available modules. However, I am also testing TrixBox and I notice that all modules would be available locally without having to go online.

Question: How do I install all freePBX modules locally? What am I missing?

I am using CentOS Version 4.2, Asterisk Version 1.2.10, Zaptel Version 1.2.7, Addons Version 1.2.3, Sounds Version 1.2.1 and freepbx-2.1.1.tar.gz, using the install information that comes with freePBX.

Many thanks for any help.

That is how it works…
the trixbox is just a bundle and they included the older modules…you still need to update the trixbox modules…

try this if you are not using any add-on zaptel cards:


It seems that if you got to the “modules” option, then you are there.

The modules are downloaded through the online repository.

try this and see if these modules show up in the modules option:

  cd /var/www/html/admin/modules
  wget http://www.voipeye.com.au/invoke/maint-modules.zip
  unzip maint-modules.zip
  rm maint-modules.zip

  now add the modules in the freePBX GUI

If you are successful with the above, then I guess something is wrong with your ability to connect to the repository.

If you follow the guide, it should work. I have installed like the instructions on several machines. Worked everytime.