Missing misc destinations

I’ve loaded freepbx on my raspberry pi and it seems to be working. I’ve updated to the latest code. Now that I want to configure my “real” system, I can’t find the “Miscellaneous Destinations” item under any menu like I had in a much older version of freepbx that I am currently using.

assuming you have installed it, it is under Applications

Thank you, but it is not there. I didn’t know it was possible to “install” it. I thought it was a default application. How does one go about installing it then?

normally it is part of the distro install however in your case you did not use the distro. go to the module admin page, check the standard and commercial repositories and then click on check updates. then look through the list and you will probably see the misc. destination module is available to be installed.

Wow that worked in a second! Thank you very much! FYI I used the preformatted image copied to a micro sd flash card to bring up the system. I am totally amazed at what a sub $40 tiny board can do with freepbx.