Missing Extensions in EPM Ext Mapping

First some basics:

  • I am recovering a VM host server (ESXi 5.5) that would not start after IRMA
  • The server, and guest VM’s, was working before IRMA and was not damaged
  • The issue is due to a failed motherboard
  • I have backups that i recovered to a new VM Host

I want to recover the the VM since this instance has several IVR’s, IAX2 and Extns etc.

But of course the FreePBX guest vm would not start and I couldn’t wait so I:

  • setup a new instance of FreePBX
  • did HW reset to migrate modules to new install, and that worked well
  • setup the basic extns and features to get by
  • this temporary deployment now has my old deployment ID from the failed VM

I have just been able to recover the VM and it started normally, and I activated a new deployment for this server (I did the HW reset earlier to move to my temp solution) and now has new deployment ID and I purchased new modules.

When I try to map extensions in EPM, they do not show in the mapping list (EPM->Extension Mapping->Add Extension). Since I migrated the deployment to the temp install, I decided to purchase new modules, as several had expired on the old deployment. My thoughts are that since I had PURCHASED EPM on the old deployment and didn’t for the recovered VM (only using Sangoma phones) that EPM may be corrupted or “confused”.

Is there something I can do to “refresh” EPM? (i.e. r&r the EPM module?)
Recreated multiple extensions and they do not show up in EPM.


Thanks in advance for your help!

Okay, figured out an option that worked.

By uninstalling Phone Apps and then removing EPM and reinstalling both, I was able to again assign extensions through EPM. My assumption is the old EPM Lic was causing issues since I updated the deployment number and did not re-purchase EPM.

I chose to “remove” EPM specifically to remove the Lic details, but this also removed all other EPM options, templates and existing extensions that had been configured. Needed to stop wasting time and get this back into production.

If there is anything I should check, that I may not be aware of as a result of R&R’ing the EPM module, I would appreciate your reply.

Thanks - Ed