Missing config entry for Polycom basefile

When editing the Polycom MAC-features.cfg basefile for Polycom, the following entries are missing:



Also missing is softkey.x.insert to set the button position, and most of the softkey.x.use.x options, which causes missing softkeys currently.

In addition to adding them to the base file, it would be much better if you could set these options from the gui.

Correct Polycom has only basic settings in EPM and they are not a support or certified manufacture so nothing new has been done with Polycom in 3 plus years.

I wonder what it would take to update this? Are the firmwares being updated in in the EPM?

I manually fixed these in the base files. I also fixed the error in the base file that made auto-answer for paging not work right, and added the classes and values to support ring tones on alert-info. All of these changes make the Polycom configs MUCH better to use, and weren’t too hard, even for a hack like me.

Again, it would be way better if this were exposed in the EPM GUI.

Now, what’s going to happen to my base file changes when the EPM is updated, or when the Polycom firmware is updated inside the EPM?