Missing calls in monitor

I have a 2.10 box that I upgraded from the scripts. I just found out that some of my extensions have not been recording calls. There is not even a log of the call in the ARI Call Monitor page.
On an extension that is working properly a ‘rasterisk -x “database show” | grep 5113’ shows an entry ‘/AMPUSER/5113/ccss/cc_monitor_policy : generic’

a search on the extension (5124) that is not logging calls does not produce this line. 5124 also had the Record Priority Policy set to 10. I set it back to 0 in the GUI, but that did not add the line ‘/AMPUSER/5124/ccss/cc_monitor_policy : generic’

Someone suggested a ‘rasterisk -x “database set”’ command. Unsure of this. Any suggestions to help get 5124 to log calls and log the recordings? We record all calls, and this is a problem.

rasterisk -x ‘database put AMPUSER 5124/ccss/cc_monitor_policy generic’

Thanks, dicko.