Missed call only from external calls

Is it possible to configure FreePBX so that only calls from external show up in the phones missed calls lists?
we don’t want calls from internal extensions to show up there…


That depends on the phones, e.g. it is definitely not possible for analogue phones, and, for SIP phones it depends on whether or or not they accept an answered elsewhere indication.

For SIP, if the phones will support it, it is possible with Asterisk (although Asterisk doesn’t have a concept of internal and external, so you will have to define that yourself). However, I suspect it will involve quite a bit of dialplan customisation with FreePBX. You might be able to do it by delivering the external all directly and going through a queue or hunt group, possibly with dummy members, for internal ones, but my expertise is with Asterisk, rather than with FreePBX.

Could someone give me a hint in which of the many dial-plan includes i could
find the code that makes the entry into the “missed calls” list?
i could then check if the number and store it only if it is longer than 2 digits…

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