Missed Call Notification Module

Hi more of a feature request / extension of the module and am interested what others think

The Module is a welcome addition as have a few sites that suffer with missed calls at reception desks. But a nice addition to the module would be the option for it to respect the “Mark calls answered elsewhere” option in the queue so that users dont get an email when the call is answered by another queue member.

Whats other peoples views ?

Just don’t turn on the alerts for the queues? I’m not sure why you would want to send missed call alerts to each agent. Even more so, when no agents answer a queue call that’s different kind of reporting and should be handled that way.

The only way I can see any logic in sending alerts to queue agents is a queue that doesn’t actually hold callers beyond the first attempt and dumps them from the queue to another destination.


So we do want a notification, the scenario is the Reception desk of a Hotel regularly is dealing with guests and “misses” calls, the calls then cascade to a larger queue including back office and Bars who also especially at weekends and evenings also “miss” the calls.
these are external as well as room service calls.
The module works well(ish) for this as getting an email means they can get back to the callers as emails are delivered to their inbox and duty phone.

The are also using queue reporting but thats not for FOH staff thats for Managment,

I agree…the module needs to understand “call answered elsewhere”, otherwise you cannot use it in a ring group. It should not send an email of a missed call, when any of the extensions in a ring group answered the call.
I don’t know, if this is feasible…
In a ring group one could also use “destination if no answer” as a trigger…for sending the final email!

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The missed calls module relies on hangup handler dialplan with whatever channel variables are available at the time of hangup. I’ve been looking for a way to access the completed elsewhere header via dialplan, and it doesn’t look like it’s supported in Asterisk at this time.

We should point out that the post you are linking to was from 2017, it involved chan_sip and the Reason header text isn’t inspected. But the reason text would be added based on the Q() dial option, which by default is answered_elsewhere and chan_pjsip doesn’t have the limitation of chan_sip in regards to hangup reason codes. Chan_sip could only do answered_elsewhere while chan_pjsip can take various reasons.

The HANGUPCAUSE is going to be 26 (answered_elsewhere). Each and every destination group I send in the Dial(), as in Dial(PJSIP/101&PJSIP/102&PJSIP/103), if 101 was to answer the call my hangup handlers on the other two channels will show the HANGUPCAUSE to be 26, the result of ${CHANNEL(hangupsource)} will be empty because it came from Dial() ending, ${CHANNEL(checkhangup)} will return a 1 instead of 0 and ${HANGUPCAUSE(${CHANNEL(name)},tech)} will result in SIP 180 Ringing or SIP 183 Session Progress (depending on the device) because it would be the last SIP reply Asterisk received from the device(s) before Asterisk sent the CANCEL.

So checking for HANGUPCAUSE 26 might be enough but the others can help refine that. If you get those types of responses on a device, don’t send a missed call notification. You just need to keep in mind that Asterisk is the one generating the replies to the devices so there’s not a lot you can do with it.

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Confirmed. I’ve opened a feature request ticket here [FREEPBX-24090] Missed Calls module - add option for Answered Elsewhere - Sangoma Issue Tracker


Thats great news , happy to test here


Glad to help.

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