Missed Call Notification improvement ideas wanted

I’ve used the Missed Call Notification third-party module written by @TSM for quite a few years. Back in September 2014 he mentioned there was a .6 version in the wings but I’ve not seen anything since. Read more on that thread at Missed Call Notification Module?.

So, I’ve started in on some improvements to the v0.5 codebase to implement some features I’ve wanted. Sending missed call notifications to email is cool and useful, but I think sending an SMS and push alert services like Pushover, PushBullet, etc. is even better! :slight_smile:

While I’m diving in on this, are there any other interesting Missed Call Notification features that would be of interest you?

The last time I used it, it had issues detecting a missed call when FollowMe was enabled.
You also got an email when you had a missed call through a queue or a ring group, which isn’t good.

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