Missed Call notification from email address

Just installed the missed call notification module. I am getting all other emails from the PBX and they come from the defined email address. The test emails work and the voice mail notifications and outbound trunk notifications work.

The email for the missed call is coming from [email protected]. It seems it is either not working or the email address value didn’t get set correctly for the module.

Is there a fix for this? Or is this known behavior?



Did you check the email settings in the missed call module?

Yeah, 1st thing I checked. There isn’t a way to set the “from” address there. The module is supposed to use the “from” address defined in the Notification settings / email settings in the admin panel.

It uses the from address in System Admin Notification Settings, the same address for most email being generated by the PBX.

It uses the “Email from Address” in Advanced Settings

That’s what I thought. Well, it’s not using that address. My other notifications come from the correct email address. These are coming from [email protected]

It does use the correct address and everything works (regarding the email) on my system.

What does it say on your system? (System admin - Email setup)


Missed call is showing incorrect


Outbound call notice shows correct

Correction, it uses the from address specified in Advanced settings:

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There we go. That was the trick. It works now. Thank you gentlemen.

We have got the same issue. All PBX e-mails are properly sent, but not the ones about missed call notifications. An e-mail address in Advanced Settings is set. We do not use the System Admin Pro module.
Is there any way to debug this?
Btw, what does count as “missed call”? No hook-up, extension not registered… ?

Without the System admin module, how do you configure the system email?

A missed call is a missed call…the phone rings and nobody picks up…

Postfix via terminal.

OK, after another reboot today it works!

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