mISDN problem

I have removed trixbox 2.8 and installed a new Freepbx distro.

Now I have many issies with mISDN.

Module seem loaded but in asterisk misdn command not work (not found)

yum install asterisk-chan_misdn returns No package asterisk-chan_misdn available.

misdnportinfo returns : command not found

How Can I install mISDN in freepbx distro?


Hi Bryan,
Thank you for your reply.

Now mISDNuser has been installed, “misdnportinfo” work as well as “misdn show stacks”.


The Asterisk mISDN package is already available in the yum repository. The issue here is that your trying to install it using the wrong package name. You should be able to install it via yum install asterisk18-misdn.

Let me know if you have any other issues.

I will get these added sometime in the next 24 hours and pushed out to all the yum servers.

Hi Tony,

Thank you for your reply.

I think that the RPM’s listed below are needed:


I can add the mISDN RPM’s. I just need a list of what RPM’s are needed and I will get them added today.