Misc Warnings and Errors in log file

I did a FreePBX update over the holidays (I think I was at a version 12 beta and updated to the version 12 stable.

Now I’m seeing some warnings and errors in the log file, that I’m not really sure if they were there or not before the update.

[2014-12-01 20:39:45] WARNING[4555] pbx_config.c: The use of '_.' for an extension is strongly discouraged and can have unexpected behavior. Please use '_X.' instead at line 127 of extensions.conf
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] WARNING[4555] pbx.c: Unable to register extension 's' priority 1 in 'macro-outisbusy', already in use
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] WARNING[4555] pbx.c: Context 'from-internal-xfer' tries to include nonexistent context 'from-internal-custom' **(A whole bunch of these context warnings).**
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] ERROR[4555] res_clialiases.c: res_clialiases configuration file 'cli_aliases.conf' not found
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] ERROR[4555] res_config_ldap.c: Cannot load configuration file: res_ldap.conf
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] NOTICE[4555] res_config_ldap.c: Cannot reload LDAP RealTime driver.
[2014-12-01 20:39:45] ERROR[4555] res_config_sqlite3.c: Missing config file 'res_config_sqlite3.conf'

Is this anything I need to worry about? Everything seems to be working, but won’t really know until tomorrow.


These warnings and errors are all normal and fine. They are normal.


Thanks for the reply.