Misc. Destinations Using same DID on outbound calls

Here’s my issue I have created 2 Misc. Destinations with Time Conditions to direct all calls to answering service after 5 PM and back at 8 AM the next day.

I have 2 DID’s and 2 Answering service numbers the calls are directed to, but no matter what I try the calls go out my primary DID. So the answering service is ansering the phone with the wrong company name for my second DID.

“…the calls go out my primary DID”

Notice anything wrong with that statement? As in, you’re confusing inbound and outbound?

I’m assuming the problem is that the answering service has one number to which you forward all calls from both companies, and that is likely your problem. FreePBX will only use the first outbound route it finds that matches the pattern for the answering service.

So what you do is create one or two new outbound routes. Let’s assume the answering service number is 5552368. In the first route, you might use a pattern like 0001|5552368, and then use the trunk you want to use for company #1. In the second route, use the pattern 0002|5552368 and send it to the trunk you want to use for company #2. Make sure both routes are higher in priority than the general route that would normally handle such calls,

Then in your two Misc. Destinations use 00015552368 and 00025552368 as the respective destinations.

That should allow you to select the correct trunk for each company’s calls. This is similar to the technique described in Basic usage of route prefixes to reroute calls from specific extensions, except you are routing calls from DID’s, not extensions.

I have 2 DID’s for inbound and 2 different numbers for Answering service example

  1. DID 555-xxxx / Answering Service 444-xxxx
  2. DID 888-xxxx / Answering Service 800-xxxx

Both numbers on either side are different, but they share the same trunk from SIP provider. It just happens to be that my first DID is the primary number in the SIP providers account records I know I need to change the outbound routing just don’t know how.

Or maybe change a CID setting or something.

I’m assuming that ultimately, even if going to two different answering service numbers, the calls are going out the same trunk. So there are two possibilities:

  1. The outgoing caller ID is set by the provider associated with that trunk, and you can’t change it on the fly. In that case the only solutions are to get another outbound trunk, or use some method other than Caller ID to indicate the proper company to the answering service, such as an announcement played after they answer but before the call is cut through (although, if it’s going to two different answering service numbers, can’t they tell from the DID the call comes in on which company it’s associated with? Seems like they might need to do some work on their end!).

  2. Your provider lets you set the Caller ID before sending it out. In this case you should be able to use the third-party Set CallerID module to change the Caller ID as needed.