Misc Destinations is now incomplete

We are running FreePBX
In the past we allowed users to check VM from an external phone number by pointing an inbound route to a Misc Destination that dials: (*98) = {voicemail:dialvoicemail}

While this is still possible in there is no longer a drop down list to access the feature codes so we have to know the syntax to create the destination. The instructions on top say not to use this module for feature code access but I don’t see any other way to do this. Please restore the drop down box.

Nope. The error is back. What am I missing?

ok. The latest framework updated fixed it.

Go to your Inbound Route, Set Destination, select Feature Code Admin, then select Dial Voicemail (*98).

Clear as Crystal :slight_smile:

Yes it is. Thank you.

I did exactly what you suggested and get the error below.

Error There are 1 bad destinations
Ignore this
Inbound Route: VM Montreal (5145551212/)

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