Misc destination or route through SIP trunk


I am looking to re route an international number through our PBX using SIP to another number in the same country and just need to figure out the most cost effective method.
The PBX is in the UK and I want our Australian customers to be able to dial an Australian number which will reach our Australian partner company. “Can’t the customers just dial the partner company direct?” I hear you ask… Well, we want the partner company to see the inbound number, which will be our SIP trunk number so they can answer it with our company name. So my main question is, will the dial out to the Misc Destination use our landline or the SIP trunk?, there appears to no method to force this.


Couldn’t you create an outbound route w/ the matching dial pattern as the Australian number and associate that outbound route to your sip trunk?

Hi mjg,

That did occur to me, though i thought i’d need 2 SIP numbers for that? one inbound and then another to go outbound.

So with the dial patterns couldn’t you prepend the Australian number (where you want it to go) and prefix the ‘bad’ number? This should remove the old number and replace it with the new one - I think.

For example someone calls 1234 and you want that number to go to 4321 you would prepend 4321 and prefix 1234. That should remove the 1234 and replace it with 4321.