Misc Destination - International Call

I have an IVR setup, and one of the options is press option X to be transferred to a 24 hour tech support department. This option is setup as a misc destination in FreePBX. This however, is an international call to South Africa. When I enter the number however, I get an error saying the number I’ve called can not be completed as dialed. If I enter a local number it works just fine.

My SIP provider says to dial international, I need to call international as follows:

011 + Country Code + number: International
00 + Country Code + number: International
033 + Country Code + number: International Value (override account setting)
044 + Country Code + number: International Premium (override account setting)

When I added the number, I’ve added it as 0112787…

011 for an international number
27 for the country code.
87 for the city code
… for the phone number.

If I dial this number from my cell phone or regular land line, I would dial it as 2787…

What am I doing wrong here?

Does your dial plan in your outbound route or trunk allow international calls?

If you have it sitting there, take a look at the logs.

Apparentlly from

then city code (0)87 is a “value added VOIP” city, will your carrier support that connection? (note the (0), you might need it :-))


Sounds like voip.ms

Cell phone usually prefix those with +. Land lines I always thought a prefix of some kind was needed…

Are you already able to call international numbers using the 011 prefix, is there a route that will pick up calls made with it present?

If you are indeed with Voip.ms;

  • Please be aware that they support two dialling modes, North America and E164… North America absolutely requires you to use 011 while E164 still accept it but is supposed to silently discard it. This is configurable in the main account settings.

  • Have you allowed calls to South Africa and made sure they are still allowed? Voip.ms resetted everyone’s list of allowed countries earlier this year without their client’s consent and incorrectly (for some of us it added new countries…).

  • I don’t see a specific rate for the number prefix you gave, it falls under the general one for South Africa (unlike quite a few others in that range( so it is possible that calls to that destination are not possible as dicko said.

If none of our suggestions work please post a screenshot of your outbound route(s) Dial patterns and trunk number Dialed Number Manipulation Rules.

Good luck and have a nice day!