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I have a user with a mirrored extension. One in the office and one in home. We are using iSymphony on this system and when this user tries to originate a call, only his office phone rings. Both extensions are registered and make/receive other calls fine.

Curious if there’s a setting I need to change or an easy way for him to toggle which phone he wants to ring.

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You will need to explain what you mean by ‘mirror’ in this context. How have you configured things such that they ring together?

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I updated Max Contacts in the extension’s advanced settings and registered 2 phones (1 s505 and 1 s705) with the same extension number in extension mapping.

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I have a vague memory of a setting in the isymphony admin panel where you can set the peer dial string. If you can change that to dial local/[email protected] instead of whatever is there now, you might get it to work. Otherwise, it’s a question for i9 support.

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Thanks, I appreciate the suggestion. I’ll give it a shot. I have a ticket open with i9 as well, just figured I’d try here too while I wait for a response.

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If it is capable of originating a call to local/[email protected], it will work but is less than ideal. They may have a better way of originating to pjsip endpoint with multiple contacts/aors.

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