Mirror the state of a call flow toggle?

I’d like to send IAX calls through the same call flow control that my PSTN inbound calls go through. At the moment if I call home from work, if I call via the PSTN then if my wife isn’t in, I’ll get a message telling me so. If I call via IAX, the call starts ringing the extensions without being passed through the call flow control which knows whether or not the house is empty. @billsimon had a great idea for how to modify the custom context to route calls through a time condition, but ideally, I’d like to route IAX calls through a flow toggle (and if poss the SAME flow toggle that I’m already using for another application?)

Ideally I don’t want two call flow controls one for the IAX route and one for the PSTN inbound route - is this avoidable?

Thank you!!

The inbound route should apply to all trunks. Is the IAX trunk defined as intracompany route?

Oh I think I see what you mean! So at the moment I don’t have an inbound route setup for the IAX at all, you just dial and go.

So you think if I setup an inbound route with the DID matching the IAX (??) (I guess there’s the rub, what would the DID be…) then it should be possible?

Reading between the lines, I assume your IAX2 trunk uses context, “from-internal” in which case, your inbound routes are ignored. You probably want a Misc Application feature code that you can direct dial which points to your CF control.

Or set the iax trunk context to from-trunk and it will behave like a typical PSTN trunk in FreePBX.

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