Mirror Servers

Hey All,

Just to let everyone know, it looks like the mirror servers have been having some issues that might be manifesting to users in different ways (challenges with updates, etc).

We’ve been looking into them, and so far it looks like it’s mostly load related (perhaps due to the recent security update and automatic updates). We’re throwing some more hardware/resources at the mirror infrastructure which I think will get things out of the rut in the short term.

I think in the longer term, as per @jsmith 's post, we’re looking into improving the mirror server architecture/infrastructure to make it handle dynamic loads issues that come up (particularly when all the automatic security updates come in, etc).

Sorry about the trouble everybody, hopefully things will start to calm down a bit. We’ll continue to keep our eyes on it as well and see if we need to make any additional adjustments.

Best wishes,
Matthew Fredrickson


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