Mirror.freepbx.org needs to be added in trusted networks

mirror.freepbx.org needs to be added in trusted networks otherwise it won’t be reachable.
I think this should be automatic because it compromise auto updates.

Not sure it does. Trusted networks in the firewall module are only for outside connections initiating a connection into your PBX.

Updates are an outbound request from your PBX that isn’t filtered by the default firewall settings/rules.

I had to add it as trusted otherwise I was unable to update.

There’s something else going on here. If you’re talking about the Firewall module in FreePBX, it doesn’t do any outbound filtering.

I had an error checking online modules the first time I did system update that includes mirror.freepbx.org saying “unable to connect to mirror.freepbx.org” or something similar.
Then I proceeded to add mirror.freepbx.org as Trusted and online check for modules started working.

What we are saying is that adding that to Trusted Networks and it starting to work was a coincidence. Something else was preventing the connection from completing.

I don’t know what could be, nothing changed except for that entry.

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