Mirror.freepbx.org down

(Lucas Ryan) #1


Is anyone else having issues when running module updates? On 3 PBX boxes now (that I am converting to FPBX15, I am getting an error when trying to run module updates:

Warning: Cannot connect to online repository(s) (https://mirror.freepbx.org). Online modules are not available.

(Lucas Ryan) #2

Same error on FreePBX 13 boxes when trying to run module updates.


Yes, it’s Saturday. The mirror server often takes a break on the weekend (see past threads).

(Lucas Ryan) #4

Yeah, I noticed that after searching a bit. It just worked for me. Let’s see how long it lasts this weekend. :slight_smile:

(Jared Busch) #5

And that is a horrible problem as people typically update outside of business hours.