Minimum recommended internet speed for call quality?

Hi. I have a slow Wifi internet connection where I use a VoIP app on my phone for taking calls. My speed varies from 5Mbps to 8Mbps download and 1.5Mpbs upload. Will I experience any call quality/drop issues?

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A single call is going to use very little bandwidth (if G711, roughly 64Kbps), so it totally depends on the number of concurrent calls you will have on that network at any given time. That being said, if the number of concurrent calls is reasonable then you should just go into your router/firewall and give the phones priority over the bandwidth using QoS and BWM so that if your circuit is being fully utilized you won’t suffer from call quality issues.

That being said, call quality also fully depends on your ISP which is a whole different matter.

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Yep, the router must re-send the QoS from your PBX server to your ISP and trunk server.
If the QoS is blocked on your router, there will not be any QoS between you router and your SIP trunk.

If you can separate your network with VLAN and create a specific VLAN for data, and another VLAN for VoIP, that’s better.

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QoS isn’t honoured over the public internet, because it would be abused.

My SIP provider needs to QoS, and for any Pro contracts, this is the case to manage the QoS.
I worked in my SIP provider before to be hired in Sangoma, and every internet connection provided QoS.
At least for diffserv=46

being safe, even for HD-Voice codecs, i’d suggest allowing 100kbps up/down per stream/call.

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I always estimate based on 100kbps also.

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