Migration to new hardware

Hello All,
Hopefully I can get help here - If this is in the wrong place, please place it correct location.

I have a server running FreePBX - its only has somthing like 10 extns and 5 trunks. Handsets are litterly in UK, Wales, Germany and my home (server is in my house)

I have just installed (with NO wizards run yet, I don’t even know its IP LOL) a new machine

I need to move my current working installation to a new server.

I have NO CLUE how this is done, I never installed this system and the person that did is no longer with us. - I’ve learnt loads since but am by far no expert in the field. I am not scared of getting my hands dirty lol…

Could someone be kind enough to write me a step-by-step routine how to migrate over to another hardware so that I can shut the old box down please? - I have full access to everything

We’ve paid for two modules too

System Routes
System Admin

It talks about activations and de-activations and only having two shots at it (Zend resets?)

All advice would be magic and I thank you in advance

Here is some helpful reading.

Using the Backup module - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

How to Move a Deployment ID to a new PBX - PBX GUI - Documentation (freepbx.org)

How to Remove a Deployment ID-License File from your PBX - Sangoma Portal/Store - Documentation (freepbx.org)

Thank you -

I think I’ve worked it out in my head EXCEPT one small thing.

Does the IP address migrate over to the new server when you restore the backup OR do I need to set this manually?

It depends on what the backup has in it. If it’s a statically assigned IP and the router respects it, then it should. Do it, check it, and if it doesn’t, then manually set it.

Thank you -
My reason to swap boxes was to save some electricity on server use by using a smaller machine.

So, I’ve successfully managed it all BUT there were two issues which meant (due to time constraints) that I needed to re-activate my old box.

Issue one (Main issue)
As soon as everything migrated over and looked fine, I changed the IP over to the one used by the clients and expected to see the phones connect. Instead, looking at the live information I could see the handsets trying to connect BUT the error was “could not find endpoint” - I have generic handsets with IP, Username and passwords. No endpoint management in place. - Not one extension connected.

Issue two
I have one extension with a VPN - There was no interface showing for this, BUT I think my friend could have fixed that for me, so less of an issue.

Assuming the credentials are correct, check the firewall and intrusion detection (Fail2Ban) to ensure it is not blocking.

Annoyingly i think I’ve cracked it BUT i already went back to the old install.

On my old box I went from 15 to 16 today and it did the same thing. All I did this time was leave it alone for 15 mins and it came good by itself!!

I’ll use the old box for now and wait until this breaks!

Thanks for help!

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