Migration to latest ISO - fail - (SORTED)

I have with Incredible PBX - it is working OK, i want to move STABLE 10.13.66-64bit with Asterisk 13 on new hardware - i have already created a clean setup - which was fine till i tried to restore the backup from the system - which broke the 10.13.66 clean install - i am (un)happily repeating my setup with the ISO for STABLE 10.13.66 as i do not want to start the new year with a slightly compromised system.

IS there an way to backup the old and restore to a new system - or is it because it was Incredible PBX that it failed - i cannot seem to upgrade the old one just now and if there is not a fool proof way i will just have to grit my teeth and manually migrate all the settings.

The settings did all arrive in the new one but i could not save them - then messed about so much trying to get it working i realised that it would be best to do it all again without any mistakes.

You cannot restore a backup from a different major version. If the 2.11 system were running the FreePBX Distro, you would have an upgrade path to current, but with non-Distro systems that option is likely not available to you. You are looking a mostly manual migration I’m afraid. You can use tools like bulk export and the manually edit the CSV so you can use Bulk Handler to import.

edit - I guess you could try to install the 2.11 Distro somewhere temporary, restore the old backup, upgrade in place to 13, then export a backup to the new PBX. I would expect this would be more work than a manual transfer unless the system is very complex.

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OK, i wish i had checked before i borked the install - at least it will be clean now - i will manually move everything across as then it will be as clean as it can be - there is not so much in the config that a parallel install would save me any time.

Thanks for the INFO.

A new tool was announced yesterday that should automate the migration from unsupported versions.


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Oh my… this could have saved me a whole lot of work… but, it is done now, perhaps this will save some other people some work. Moving across to 3CX was never going to be an option for me.