Migration of Freepbx to Panasonic NS300 ISDN

Hi All,

I have figured out how to get FreePBX and a Panasonic NS300 to communicate together using a V-SIPGW/16 card.

Extensions on the original system (Panasonic NS300) are 1XXX and 2XXX
Extensions on the new system (FreePBX running on Hyper-V) are 7XXX.

Users on each system can dial each other at will. Two way audio so all good their.

My issues is that the NS300 is connected to the PSTN through PRI/32. Users on the NS300 can dial 9 to get a idle line and subsequently dial out. What I have not got working is users of the FreePBX system can not dial out. Or at least I do not know how to :frowning:

So I am looking for some help guys on the Panasonic NS300 from the FreePBX system.

I have tried to add prepend code to the Panasonic outbound routes dial pattern to maybe tell the NS300 that we want to access a local idle line and then dial out but that has not worked yet.

Any pointers would be appreciated.

Hi jeffgabaleno.

Well there were many things to change on Panasonic to make it work and do you have access to Panasonic maintenance console? or someone?
Because it needs to make changes on Panasonic PBX to allow trunk to trunk operation mode.

Yes, we have access on the panasonic maintenance console… Trunk to trunk is already configured and allowed… My problem is we don’t know how to call outside call thru panasonic if we are using our extensions on Freepbx.

From the FreePBX side, just route the outside call down the trunk, with any necessary access digits, basically the same as you would route an extension. Whether the Panasonic will allow you to do that is a different question.

Just tried it, the call routes to our Panasonic operator. :frowning: :frowning:

Have you added on FreePBX outbound route dial pattern prepend KX-NS300 PRI trunk access code?

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Probably the first digit of the pattern coincides with the operator call, in Panasonic numbers 0 and 9 are designated to call the operator and trunk group access (by default 0 for operator call and 9 trunk group access line).

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Not yet, I just tested to input 9 there at prepend on those 8 and 11 X. I will try to input the PRI trunk access code there

So thats why it always routes to our operator @_@ we also noticed on the telephone of the operator screen there is 9 automatically before our assigned freepbx extension when trying to call.


Better to make route patterns more specific, otherwise it will cause more messing.Don’t use the X pattern for internal and trunk to trunk routes.

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Automatic Caller ID Number Modification
This PBX automatically modifies the incoming caller’s number according to preprogrammed tables. The modified number will be recorded for calling back.

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