Migration help

Hi all. I’ve had my FreePBX running pretty solid for 3 years now; but a recent power outage highlighted an issue with the hard drive on the unit - after 2 hours of running repair commands and rebooting multiple times. I’ve received a replacement, but having attempted a temporary VM server to practice migrating, I’ve discovered how challenging the backup/restore method can be. Does anyone know of a good procedure for replacing a hard drive. In my case I’m going from an old unreliable hard disk to a new SSD. I know SSDs scare many, but I’m comfortable with the drive, especially once trim is setup; on top of the fact that we usually peak at 3 calls on a REALLY busy day.

I tried installing MondoArchive, but keep getting a GPG key error when I go to install it.

Any guidance, tips would be greatly appreciated.

Fresh install of the latest distro and just re-create from scratch? 3 peak calls? Might not take that long. Or is that out of the questions.

Ultimately had the same decision come to mind. Many extensions, but not worth the headache of repeated failure. New server goes active tomorrow. Going just dual screen it, and copy the data manually.