Migrating from Virtual (ESxI) to Physical

After trying and failing miserably to stabilize FreePBX on VMWare, I have thrown in the towl and going back to my PBX on physical hardware.

In VMWare I could not get rid of the breaking up on calls, both internal and external. I tried everything I could find. The more I read the more it looks like this is a common problem.

Now the problem at hand, what is the best way to migrate my installation from the Virtual machine to a physical one. Would be nice if I did not loose licenses etc. Loosing voice mail and configs is not an option.

Can someone point me in the right direction for doing this?

Hi, i know you did not ask, but I feel compelled to say that FreePBX on VMware is common and works well. I run it this way with a hundred extensions and have no call quality issues…maybe your install is larger? anyway, this should work.

good luck

Nope my install is a lot smaller. 18 extensions, one trunk,

Now my VMWare server is a little limited in memory, but has more than enough CPU power. Was there any settings in VMWare that would make sure FreePBX always had the resources it wanted?

I second this, virtual is the way to go. To answer your questions, take a look at these.



I do a lot of vmware, memory is critical, more so that proc. having said that, i only have 2gig and 2procs allocated to my freepbx server. the important thing is to make sure you are not oversubscribing memory on the esx host, memory is cheep.
Finally, make sure you are not overlooking the obvious, the network. if your network is not good, then a real server will not help.

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… and I disagree. If everything works perfectly, VM is the way to go. If there’s a problem, you have almost no control over a remote environment. If you are running virtual in the local network, then you have the worst of both. Unless you are doing something enormous, a cheap workstation with a good network card is more than enough power for a small installation.

Still looking into the network. When I allocate memory to a VM, can I allocate a MIN amount of memory / cpu?

I love being able to take snapshots and the like. Dont like getting yelled at when users cant talk on the phone :slight_smile:

not in vmware, you allocate a specific amount of both. are you using the freepbx distro or are you installing on your own linux…make sure you have the vmware guest services installed, will not work well otherwise. the distro has it included.

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