Migrating from trixbox2.6 to freepbx

Hi, I’m wondering if migrating trixbox2.6 to freePBX is possible,
I saw there’s a way to migrate from trixbox2.8 with a script.
Any pointers on what to do in this situation ?


Not so much time ago someone started a thread with a similar request (it seems): answers here.

I personally would follow various advices provided and so start with new fresh FreePBX Distro 5.211.65 installation, after that I would then build (by hand) the configuration to resemble/match your actual one, if this step is not too difficult to manage I mean.

Thanks for your reply,
I cannot install a freePBX distro, but a ‘tarball’.
Also I noticed database structure is different between trixbox and freePBX.
What do you think my next step should be?

I’m not able to help you beyond what I wrote above; FreePBX Developers/advanced users may probably add some other practical details to help you.

Keep in mind you didn’t provide us any information of your actual system’s configuration (other than writing that it’s TrixBox 2.6 based).

My best guess? If you can’t install a new fresh FreePBX Distro 5.211.65 because it’s mandatory for you to use another type of Linux distribution (e.g. exactly CentOS or Debian) that is the route I would follow and then I’d create a working configuration on this new Asterisk+FreePBX system (nevertheless check this Wiki page if you plan to use the actual stable FreePBX 2.11).

IMHO migrating (maybe it’s possible but very difficult) from TrixBox 2.6 could be a real nightmare (PITA/KITA) and any effort to pursue that challenge should be made essentially IF the actual configuration is very (very) difficult to recreate manually on a new system. Personal opinion.

Your best case would be to try and upgrade FreePBX to 2.11. Once you get to 2.11 backup then do a clean install and restore. Worst case is you have to do it all by hand.

It is very difficult, even for an expert.

You also aren’t explaining why you need tarball etc.

trixbox is simply FreePBX 2.7 with the name take off, painted green and the backup module removed to make it hard for end users to leave.

You can still download 2.7 tarball. Install it on the Linux of your choice.

Go to FreePBX mirror and download backup 2.7 and install it on existing trixbox

Run a backup

Restore your data to the newly built 2.7 system.

Use upgrade module and walk system to 2.11

Now you have your data in a current system

The reason we use the tarball is because the system is installed on a Vps, and the distro cannot be installed on it.
Thanks for the advice, Ill test it out, hopefuly report back to you soon.

trixbox 2.6 uses freePBX, can any one please point to freePBX backup url?
the two options I want to try are next:
1.manually upgrading Trixbox to 2.8, and use the script that auto migrates from 2.8 to freePBX
2. as suggested here in the thread, download freePBX backup, move data to a fresh install of freePBX tarball, and upgrade to 2.11

You want to do option 2.

You can download any legacy modules from here:


You can also with subversion,

export VER_FREEPBX="2.7"
svn co http://www.freepbx.org/v2/svn/freepbx/branches/${VER_FREEPBX}

to get the original install script, I found that a easy middle step to migrate the “green machine”.

DIcko, that idea “doesn’t suck” one of my highest praises (to ideas not women)

Works all the way back to 2.1, good for all the guys where “your orange|green is your new black” :wink:

thanks for the link,
for some reason Im unable to download the files (500 error), any idea?

I found 2.5 tarball at:

BTW dicko, thanks for your reply, but I need to get the backup module first for trixbox’s freepbx 2.5

I am pretty sure the backup module sucked until around 2.10 so Dont put all your eggs in that basket

Some say, “If you have green eggs, you need ham” :slight_smile:

But as a general methodology, you will need to copy the “state” of the old machine, the “asterisk database”, presumably in those days, berkeley , the asteriskcdr and the asterisk mysql database and the /etc/asterisk/.conf structure, then fix any passwords necessary and then purge all orange|green|otherscrewup references in that /etc/asterisk/.conf structure (use grep for that), finally refix anything that depended on such overrides, given that it should still work on your new box. There are scripts available, but the procedure is always the same. I suggest you do that on the same “generation” of FreePBX, then iteratively upgrade to current.

(I’ve done it many times, from many so called broken installs, It has yet to fail . . .)

thanks dicko, SkykingOH.
I want to know, what version of asterisk must be installed on the new box, 1.4 as in the Trixbox setup?
Trixbox uses asterisk 1.4, freePBX
Or am I better off installing a recent astreisk version, and then install similar freePBX version, if that’s even possible?

You will need to do it step by step as FreePBX 2.6 only supports up 1.8 I think, then iterate FreePBX versions upwards until you need to upgrade Asterisk itself, go to 11 and rinse and repeat, stop when you run out of versions or need.

thanks dicko, jfinstrom

I’ve followed this tutorial for installing asterisk 1.4, freepbx 2.5:

everything went well, only that after install - freepbx admin shows ‘Asterisk Manager Connection Failure’.

how would one go about getting asterisk back on track?

./install_amp --username=asteriskuser --password=asterisk --my-svn-is-correct
fixed the issue