Migrating from Fedora to CentOS w/o GUI backup tool

Hi guys,

We ran a test install on Fedora of FreePBX, and now we’re getting ready to move it to a production environment that will be running CentOS. I no longer have access to the GUI of FreePBX. What’s the best way to backup our routes, IVR, etc and migrate them over?

Install the same freepbx, asterisk, dahdi and libpri on the new machine. Make an empty backup of this installation from the gui and then just copy over the asterisk mysql folder from the first machine to the new one. Don’t forget to have the same privileges or else nothing will work. Try it first on a vm to see how it is done. Then just login in your box, go to an extension press submit and apply. The last step is essential because just copying the folder is not enough, you need to apply to create the asterisk conf file.

I don’t have access to the GUI anymore (I hosed it playing with PHP too much). Is it possible without?

I can rebuild my config in about 1-2 hours, so if migration will take longer, or bring more risk with it, I’d rather rebuild.

Yep forgot to mention that you copy it with a sftp client, the gui is not needed. If you thing that it is to hard just rebuild the box by reading your conf files.

Thanks for your help. Where are the config files located?

If you do not have a backup then you are SOL. The time it would take to get everything you need manually is not worth it.

All I needed to know. This will save us time. Thank you!

You don’t need the config files just copy /var/lib/mysql/asterisk to the new box and test things out. Well I think you should go with what tony said.