Migrating from Elastix

Hello to all,

I am a Elastix user with FreePBX and I need to migrate to FreePBX 14. I have many configuration and customizations in .conf files. What do you suggest to boost the migrating phase?

You can’t use the conversion script unless you are running FreePBX 2.9, and none of your customization would be migrated anyway.

You might try restoring a backup tarball from the 2.8 system on a new FreePBX 15 install. Backup/Restore in 15 will accept tarballs created on versions older than 15, but be prepared for a lot of manual fixup post restore depending on how elaborate your customization is.

First of all thank you for your fast reply. My customizations are almost *custom.conf files and some AGI scripts but I can migrate them manually.
Mainly I would liek to migrate extensions, routes, day/night and some other things.
The rest of work I could do manually.
Then, you suggest to me to upgrade the elastix system to 2.9 and after to migrate or try with tarball backup?

P.S. You mean FreePBX 14? or 15?

He meant 15 for the possible restore because 15 has a new feature for the restores.

But FreePBX 15 is still beta.

I would just manually move your data. Use the Bulk functions in the old system, tweak the exported file to work with the new Bulk Import module and migrate that way.

I have never had good luck getting Elastic systems up to a convertible version of FreePBX. The couple times I had systems new enough, the conversion still had a lot of clean up.

You update the Elastix system to 2.9 and then you use the conversion tool. Don’t use FreePBX 15 it’s not production ready.

Not easy to do.

I don’t know, I did three of these and it was pretty easy.

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