Migrating from a difrent version


i have a asterisknow installion and want to migrate it to a freepbx distro installation.

my current version is:

i did a fresh install on a separate machine
freepbx distro
Asterisk 11.5.1 (strange version number?)

now i create a “safe remote restore” backup from the old machine
i transferred this to the new machine and try to go the restore page

on the restore page i select the backup file and want to drag the template “Full backup” to …
no place to drag it to some place?
i tried it in google chrome and IE

now i have some questions
1 is this the best way to migrate?
2 how to restore the backup

it is no problem to re-install the destination if needed
if there is a command line restore option it is oke for me

no one knows?

the last time i try to use the backup it screwed up the hole machine
and now it isn’t restoring at all
is there some one who has successfully used the backup function of freepbx?

Just used it yesterday, works fine. Backed up a 2.9 system, downgraded a new distro to 2.9. then restored the backup. Used module admin to upgrade to 2.11, took another backup and restored to a fresh system.

No issues at all.

you mean it is not posible to restore a backup on a system with a higher version?
if that is the case i think it would be the best to manual copy and past the settings

No, you can’t restore between different FreePBX versions.

The backup module is open source, would you please explain the comment about pay? The commercial modules are for specific situations and not standard functionality. Do you think the app store is not a good way to support development? If not what is your suggestion?

don’t worry
there are to many pay modules now
they should call it paypbx now

The “Free” in FreePBX does not mean Free as in cost, it means Free as in Freedom to choose what you want in a PBX. You can decide if you want to use only the open source modules or if you want to supplement them with some commercial features.

The commercial features provided through pay modules provide improved features, they are not required to actually run the PBX. For example, you can do parking without any commercial modules, but if you want to have multiple parking lots them you must pay $125 dollars.

Extending on Scott’s comments below, without the pay modules and other services we provide the "Free"PBX you know and work with today would not exist, people do not want to waste their time on something for free for which they see no personal gain.

Cost justification is hard to fully explain in open source development, but to foster the project’s future it must be done.