Migrating FreePBX to new machine and updated version

When trying to migrate FreePBX from one machine to another, I am unable to receive or place calls. What am I missing?

You are missing telling us anything about what you have done, all we know is that what you did is not working :slight_smile:


So, I got the new machine ready and got the old machine. I ran the following steps:


it imports the modules and users

then a few things don’t happen

  1. My asterisk card is not starting up on boot of the machine
  2. When I start it manually, I am unable to accept phone calls.

That is not what that tool is specifically for. Some people use it that way, but that was designed to migrate from old non distro to new distro.

Installed a brand new FreePBX 15 instance.
Make a new full backup on your old system.
Restore the backup on the FreePBX 15 system

What is your “Asterisk Card”?
How do you "start it manually? ,
Did it actually start?
And as ever "logs, logs logs . . . "

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