Migrating freepbx from vmware to xcp-ng xen orchestra

i get the failed to boot msg. cant find the volumes it needs. the flatflile disk was copied/migrated via the xcp-ng xoa import function. is there something else i need to do, ive migrated dozens of vms of different flavors and this is the first that cant seem to boot afterwards, is there something else i need to do? i assumed this would be as easy as a clone on vmware. i inherited this system and admittedly im not too versed in freepbx, i understand the system as its installed and setup but i was hoping that moving it would be easy lol. thanks in advance for any insight.

Hi @snmp Have you tried to change from VM BIOS settings UEFI to BIOS or oposite way?

Thanks for the reply I will definitely try that. It’s an older VM so I assumed it was probably legacy because normally import copies over that setting via the vmx file. But at this point I’m willing to try anything. Again thanks for the suggestion.